Angry Users Delete Uber.


Hundreds of Uber users have taken screenshots of themselves deleting the ride-hailing app, accusing it of profiting from a strike by New York’s taxi drivers held against Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim travelers and refugees.

The hashtag #DeleteUber trended worldwide today as users also accused the company’s CEO of collaborating with the new US president. Drivers affiliated with the New York Workers Alliance had on Saturday refused to pick up airport passengers between 6pm and 7pm local time as protesters rallied against Trump’s discriminatory ban inside John F. Kennedy Airport {JFK}.

Hundreds gathered at the airport’s Terminal Four arrivals section holding placards and chanting: “No ban,no wall, sanctuary for all and no hate,no fear,immigrants are welcome here”

Users said Uber continued to service rides ro and from JFK, while taxi drivers held the strike against Trump’s order banning refugee and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. However, while Uber automatically charges more for rides when demand is high,the company switched this function off during the one-hour taxi strike.

The city’s taxi drivers, many of whom are immigrants or have roots in Muslim-majrity countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, had urged Uber to join their boycott.


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