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Bayo Faleke Spits Fire In New Song ” Banana Republic”

Creative mind and presenter of note, Bayo Faleke has released a new album tagged The Banana Republic.

The album is a follow up to his previous efforts titled National Cake parts 1& 2.

Explaining the idea behind the latest output, the Voice over and Jingle expert told The page that  what really inspired the title of his latest effort, “Banana Republic” is the similarity of Hunduras in the 18th century  with Nigeria when their only source of income was banana plantation and the elites colluded with Americans to milk the people.

“Life became miserable,economy tumbled, the country witnessed sufferings of the highest order. oppression,exploitation among other negativities became the order of the day”

Comparing the Hunduras experience to that of Nigeria, the agile performer submitted that  “Nigeria is a nation of one major source of income (oil) and she is  suffering and breathing labourioisly under the rulership and mismanagement  of a cabal.

” There is Lawlessness everywhere and the center can no longer hold. Banana republic is a country where everything is wrong with everything.
“This is what author O.Henry wrote in his book of 1901Where he described Honduras as banana republic.

“The country is faced with problems of leaders of circumstances,educated illiterate citizens,indiscipline, tribalism among others” he said.
According to Faleke who is also an On Air Personality with Fresh FM, his previous efforts, National Cake, are about corruption by the political leaders.

“I realised that our nation is in the state of dilemma .The Republic is at a crossroad and the blame game continues…!

“Citizens put blame of the rot on the leadership, leadership putting blame on the past government.Blames everywhere .But my take that both the leaders and  followers are responsible for the dilemma of our nation.

“Yes,70% of what i wrote in my book “The Dilemma of  A Country i s what I put in Banana republic!.” The singer cum author concluded.

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