Checkout 10 Weird And Hilarious Traffic Laws Around The World


So you are a Naija person and you think you have seen it all.With the way the Men In Black here terrorize us and LASTMA gives some weird laws and requests,you might be quick to conclude that it can not get any worse, here are some weird traffic laws from around the world.

Its illegal for you to stop for pedestrians in Beijing China,so if they are crossing the road and you stop for them you can be arrested,Akward !! .Drive on !!!

In this region its completely illegal to have a dirty car,if you car is dirty you gonna be paying a fine or going to jail .If this is implemented in Naija, half of the cars on the road would be fined.

This one is funny , since your car is regarded as your private space,you are allowed to drive completely Nudde.Please who can borrow me ticket and visa to Germany I need some fresh air.

Well this one is not all that bad .If you have a dog in your car , you have to buckle it up.After all its a living thing ,it needs to be protected.

This guys took the “Don’t drink and drive ” mantra one step further.You can’t even drink water while driving , wetin happen!

6.Costa Rica
Well here you can drink and drive as long as your blood alcohol does not exceed the specified limit.

You have to keep your lights on here at all times.In the morning,afternoon,night,rain,sunshine all the time.\

8 Saudi Arabia
Simple and short ,you cannot drive if you are a woman.

In Kentucky , women are allowed to drive in bikini , on one condition ; carry a gun or have police escort.

You cannot drive without a shirt ,even if you are man,always wear a shirt !.


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