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Ex-CDS Badeh’s Killers are Professional not those being Paraded by the Police Associates Insist

Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh  was killed by expert  marksmen, an associate of the deceased has alleged.

The former Chief of Defence Staff was shot dead by unknown gunmen  along Abuja-Keffi Road on December 18.

The Nasarawa State Police Command on Thursday confirmed the arrest of five suspects in connection with the killing of Badeh.

One of the suspects, Shuaibu Rabo,  in a  confessional video claimed that  they  killed the ex-CDS  because he resisted being robbed  of  a large  sum of  money  in his possession  meant for the purchase of  a parcel of land.

However, his family  denied the allegation, claiming that  the police concocted the story to deceive the public.

However, the deceased’s  associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told our correspondent that  a crime scene  analysis, the bullet’s trajectory and pictures  had  indicated that Badeh’s  killers were not hoodlums.

The retired security officer explained that the incident was “a targeted attack”.

He dismissed the confessional video as a charade, stressing that the ex-CDS was broke.

He said, “As an intimate friend of the late CDS, I can tell you categorically that Badeh had no such money. He was very broke and could not pay his domestic staff and power bills. At a time, I volunteered to raise N50,000 to enable him to settle part of the bills, but he declined, saying he would harvest some crops on his farm and sell them to raise money.

“That was why he went to the farm to harvest the crops but he was ambushed and killed.

“He was very broke because all his accounts had been frozen by the court and his pension stopped. So, how could a man who could not pay his bills pay N2m  for a farmland as claimed by the police investigation? That is stretching the lies too far.”

Another friend of the late CDS  claimed that Badeh was planning to join the campaign team of the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar,  before he was killed.

According to the source, Badeh delayed the announcement because his lawyer asked him to suspend the move and prepare for the opening of the defence of his corruption case which was slated for January 16, 17 and 18, 2019.

The associate alleged  that Badeh might have been murdered  to prevent him from revealing in court those who shared the money  for  arms  for which he was being prosecuted.

– The Capital

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