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Family, Friends, Staffs and Well-Wishers Celebrates Seyi Tinubu on Birthday

There is a Yoruba saying that states; “Earth life is a heavenly being” (Ijeri aye ni ijeri orun). This statement is usually used when people are singing praise of an individual who has achieved a remarkable feat, There is need for such statement come into play again today 13th day of October as family, friends, staffs and well-wishers take to different medium to celebrate young, industrious and philanthropic CEO of  Loatsad Promomedia International Limited, Seyi Tinubu on his 33rd birthday.

Seyi, who just returned from New York office of the United Nations (UN), where he and other young Africans that are under 40 were honoured in the school of 2018 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Awards.

Though the celebration is not elaborate but accolades from home and abroad about his exceptional qualities had taken over the social media, his innovations like the STEPS, where he gave the winner of an IT innovation N5 million was talked about, his love for the game of polo where his team STL participated in various charity games to raise money for humanitarian purposes were also mentioned, his staffs also heap praises on his leadership qualities.

From us at www.societygazetteng.com we are wishing Seyi Tinubu a wonderful and prosperous years ahead.

Seyi Tinubu during the MIPAD Awards
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