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For your own good, stay out of line of fire – FFK warns Governor Okorocha

– Former minister Femi Fani-Kayode has responded to a jibe thrown at him by the governor of Imo state – Fani-Kayode said Rochas Okorocha is not in his class – He also warned the governor to stay away from the line of fire The former minister of aviation Femi Fani-Kayode

has warned the governor of Imo state Rochas Okorocha to stay away from the line of fire. Fani-Kayode while responding to a jibe from the governor said if Okorocha was not a governor he would be crawling around him. In a statement signed by Jude Ndukwe, his special adviser on media, the former minister said for his (Okorocha) own good, the governor should stay away. “A man that when you mention the name Williams

Shakespeare to he would ask you if that is the name of his village barber rather than being one of the greatest literary minds and writer ever known in history. That is how primitive, uneducated and backward the walking statue is. If not for the kind of sysem that we run in Nigeria, men like Rochas should be seeking to write JAMB now in pursuit of their first degree. He probably would have been given admission now based on trial or pity because we know he has a very low intelligence quotient (IQ),” Ndukwe said. Ndukwe statement comes after the governor referred to Fani-Kayode as a spoilt child over some analysis he made on the picture taken with Buhari in London. The media aide to Fani-Kayode said it is unfortunate for Okorocha ‘a low life’ to lead the well educated people of Imo state. “Okorocha is nothing but a dirty, cheap, fat, ugly frog that mistakes himself for a monkey simply because he can hop. A man who serves and defends a president and government that have murdered, insulted, marginalized and humiliated more of his own Igbo people than any other government in the history of Nigeria outside of the civil war. For a man whose party has unprecedentedly threatened to arrest the moment he steps out from the immunity he currently enjoys, Rochas should actually be hiding his head in shame when men like Fani-Kayode are talking,” Ndukwe added. Stating that the governor and the former minister are not in the same league, Ndukwe said Okorocha has in his years of leadership, deceived the people of Imo state with whitewash projects. These projects he said has plunged the state into a worst condition that it was before he took over leadership. Further boasting about the educational qualification of his principal, Ndukwe said Fani-Kayode career achievements surely scares Okorocha. Ndukwe said: “Chief Femi Fani-Kayode himself needs no introduction. A Cambridge trained-lawyer who was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1985, he practiced law in the firm of Kayode & Sowemimo before he ventured into politics where he rose to the peak of his career, becoming a two-time minister of the Federal Republic after being appointed the first ever Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” The import of all these is that Rochas has no history backing up his claim to fame today. He is alleged to come from an unknown root as his paternity is believed to still be very much in doubt even in Imo State. We know those who worship mammon and have sold their souls to the devil to acquire it and also to become governor. With time we shall expose their evil deeds including why they go about in customized diapers as a consequence of their evil and unnatural copulation even with donkeys just to acquire fame, money and power,” he concluded.  earlier reported that Governor Okorocha condemned the analysis made by Fani-Kayode on the picture the All Progressives Congress governors and leaders took with President Buhari over ‘dinner’ in London. The governor while reacting to the Fani-Kayode’s analysis said he has no time to respond to a ‘spoilt child’. from Naij

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