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President Buhari Blames the Press for Donald Trump Calling Africa Shithole

The visit of the President to the United States in the real sense of things is fruitful, the country was able to sign a concession agreement with International Consortium led by General Electric (GE) the agreement is to proceed with the Interim Phase of the Nigerian narrow-gauge railway concession.

Initiated by General Electric, the world’s premier digital industrial company, the Consortium is comprised of SinoHydro, a leading infrastructure construction services corporation, Transnet, a leader in transportation and logistics infrastructure management and APM Terminals, a global port, terminal and intermodal inland services provider.

The visit also see the two governments agree to cooperate in combating terrorism as well as trade partnership, however, President Buhari’s response to a question on whether he talked to President Trump on describing El Salvador, Haiti and various African nations as shithole countries during an Oval Office meeting about immigration in January, left many people disappointed.

During the joint press briefing a reporter asked President Buhari if President Trump’s comments earlier this year when he reportedly used shithole to describe African nations was discussed during his meeting earlier in the day, and in response PMB decided to shift the blame on the media, in his words “I’m very careful with what the press says about [people] other than myself, I’m not sure about the validity or whether that allegation against the president was true or not, the best thing for me is to keep quiet,” this is however different to the position of PMB led government who went as far as querying the American Ambassador to Nigeria on the utterances of the American president.

This has however been eliciting response from Nigerians, who felt the President had taken a step different from what he was saying when the issue came up, a Nigerian who will not like his name to be mentioned stated that the president saying he’s not sure of the authenticity of the statement is actually being economical with the truth as Donald Trump himself did not deny the fact even when the issue became public knowledge.

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