Our attention has been drawn to a cheap and shallow blackmail purportedly being masterminded by a character masquerading as Kolawole Oni, currently trending on the social media. In the vague post, Oni alleged that he was relieved of his employment by our Lead Compatriot, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, whom he claimed would not accommodate him in his office for being Ekiti indigene.

The post reads: “I lost my  job in Ojudu office cos I’m from Ekiti. He said he don’t want Ekiti wahala.” Nothing can be farther from the truth.

While we view the claim as a cruel ruse from the camp of desperate loafers who are bent on exploiting every opportunity, cooked or imaginary, to throw tantrums at a winning camp, we make bold to say Senator Ojudu stands tall as a distinguished, true son of Ekiti, who has stamped his name on the side of the people during thick and thin  for no personal  benefits.

Even as we pity the masterminds of this prank for choosing one of the strongest sides of Senator Ojudu as their attack route, we in Ekiti Rebirth Organisation (ERO) feel the need to set the record straight to further show our members and well-wishers how desperate, petty and frustrated our traducers have turned.

In the course his career as a journalist Ojudu must have hired or trained more than 50 Journalists from Ekiti State many of whom are holding prominent position in media houses in Nigeria and abroad. Ademola Adegbamigbe, a priceless gem in the profession who is today the Editor of The News was hired by Ojudu in 1993 and he is an Ekiti man.

Investigation into the baseless claim by our experts in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as well as cyber security revealed that the evil message was generated by one Wale Fatuki, believed to be an employee of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in Ado Ekiti.

We do not intend to go into the mud with this public servant who sheepishly and brazenly chose to advertise his emptiness, illiteracy and pettiness in the raw and most ignoble form. His understanding of English language in the thread established by our investigators is abhorrent to even want to apply for a media job.

We only feel we  need to send a signal to others posting balderdash on the social media  that there is no hiding space as they will only be playing the proverbial ostrich which buries its head in the sand with its full body exposed, thinking it could not be seen.

We have noticed some deft, clandestine moves and actions by dissidents who are aggrieved by the daily rise in the profile and popularity of Senator Babafemi Ojudu, in the ongoing contest for the Oke Ayoba Government House. We see the agony, the pains and the attendant confusion that have been the lot of  those  selfish individuals who rode into limelight on Ojudu’s benevolence but chose to pay him back with bad coins.

We are forward looking and undeterred in our resolve to liberate our people from the stranglehold of oppression and wanton economic pillaging by the people’s enemies. We shall remain dogged and unwavering until we recover Ekiti State to socio-economic relevance.

On this note, ERO enjoins our members and well-wishers to be resolute and never be disturbed by the array of distractions deliberately being plotted by adversaries in an effort to derail us from our determination to oxygenate, cleanse and recover our state from the grip of stubborn oppressors.

Together we shall make Ekiti State work through a seamless rebirth that will be to the benefit of all.


Gboyega Adeoye
Publicity Coordinator
Ekiti Rebirth Organisation
‪231 – 8066412007, 231 – 7065140849


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