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Trace Live Presents “KING COAL: A VOCAL GEM”

If there is one Artiste that reigned since the early 2000’s of Nigerian music and still rings relevant in the new school, that would arguably be Wande Coal. Now Trace is about to put his catalogue spanning over a decade of vocal layers on stage and it is just about him and him alone.

The TRACE Live series is a live music experience that is built around and also anchors artiste who highlights the hits of their career in a 90 minutes spectacle.

The series with 5 editions under its belt has seen successive acts raise the bar of live music performance which has left an assortment of awed fans in its wake.

This year, Trace Live, in its trajectory mode, brings you King Coal: A Vocal Gem, allowing you to feel the lilt in his live musical performance on stage at Terra Kulture, on the 22nd of May 2019.

Oluwatobi Ojosipe Wande, known to many as Wande Coal is a singer, vocalist, songwriter, dancer with multiple awards to his name from a career that has spanned 12 years and still counting.

Likened to the mineral resource coal that is made valuable through a process that starts off with an unearthing phase from the roughs of mines then refined to become invaluable; Wande pushed through from Mushin 2 MO-Hits with one of the best evergreen projects during those refining years and never looked back on giving good music with blissful vocals to match.

Though he went on a short Hiatus to focus on other inspiring projects, he picked up from where he left off with ISKABA in 2016. The Black Diamond has continued to solidify his status quo as KING COAL, following up with other hits such as SOMISO, TURKEY NLA and a host of many others.

Last year, KING COAL sold out several concerts around the world.

TRACE LIVE, is a new landmark in live music that highlights only the best blend of vocals and musical instruments. The show which spotlights one artist and a band is the biggest live performance show from TRACE, Bolanle Austin Peters and Cabal Entertainment.

Experience this year Trace Live, with KING COAL: A VOCAL GEM.

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