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Video of Another Moving Disaster in Lagos Takes over Social Media

Just few days after the unfortunate fire incident in Lagos where many people lost their lives and properties, a video making rounds on social media which was made available to www.societygazetteng.com, is disturbing and call for the agency responsible for the safety of the people to be more ready.

In the video a motorist in Lagos was heard showing dismay in the background of the video whereby a moving loaded petroleum product tanker travelling somewhere around Maryland axis of the State is shown having a big leak onto the road despite one of the motor-boy trying in-vain to stop the product from throwing off from moving loaded tanker with something that looks cloth.

Though the video is likely to have been taken sometimes in the past, but this reckless act is common among the tanker drivers and owners also have their share of the blame, it is also expected that the government should have put some measure in place at the depot whereby the condition of the tankers would have been examined before loading them with products.


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