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Video of Dirty and Unkempt Saudi Arabia Airline Trend on Social Media

+ Footage of leaking toilet and littered cabin

The general believe of an average Nigerian is that airline operators in Nigeria usually leave so many things undone, but little did we know that they seems more steps ahead of some other countries that we assumes are doing great, if not for video footage of one of Saudi Arabia’s airline that recently surfaced online one would have been nursing the thought that their cabin will be a haven on it’s own.

In the footage that was recently released and claimed it was taken inside an operating aircraft of Saudi Arabia, a leaking toilet was capture after which the main cabin was recorded full of dirt while passengers are seated in the course of their journey, the video shows an environment that make old Lagos “Molue” vehicles look like a five star hotel lobby. If this video is actually that of and Saudi Airline, then Nigerian airlines will definitely get a thumb-up.

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