What I went through recording ‘Beyond Sound’ EP – Tobi Osho reveals

No doubt, putting out a song in the country is no small deal, different kind of challenges occurs, and of course , Good things don’t come easily, at a point it gets tough but the joy of it is to see the whole thing become a success.
Fast rising Gospel artiste,  Tobi Osho whose EP titled Beyond Sound will be out on November 1st has also had his own share of it. He  revealed how strenuous and tough it was getting the EP recorded in the studio, the challenges and how God has been faithful
According to him
” I planned on releasing the EP since September 2017 but due to unforeseen circumstances, finances I was unable to, then we moved it to October and when it seems everything was going fine and it was becoming a reality, I broke down,  I was ill for two weeks and couldn’t go  the studio till I got well, it was just somehow and after I got well, the studio had technical issues again so we stopped production for some time but God has made it possible, it will be out on November 1st
Furthermore,  speaking on how he felt due to the several challenges, he said ”I believe nothing good comes easily, the devil is only stopping this but it’s not possible, reason being that the songs were all inspired by God, I waited so much for God’s directions and he won’t let me down,  I felt encouraged above all, because the songs are surely going to bless people’
Judging by this, one would deduce that a lot has gone into this and they are songs worth listening to. The songs which will be out on Nov 1st,2017 is set to bless a lot of people


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