When Uber Resorts to Fraudulent Billing to Cover Drought of Customers


Brand experts will tell you the importance of having a good Public Relations department that will periodically be conducting researches on how to move the company forward even in the time of crisis. Recently, Uber Nigeria, A location-based app that makes hiring an on-demand private driver…easy, ran into crisis months back when drivers started abandoning their app for that of their competitor in Nigeria.

The case was at the instance that others are offering their drivers better rates than Uber and this resulted in drivers jumping ships, a situation that literally plunge the company into serious crisis, to make it even more crazy was the fact that they never envisage such happening and rather than go through the process of re-strategizing, Uber allegedly decided to cut corners by deliberately short-changing their customers in Nigeria.

According to a customer who had fallen prey to this fraudulent practice, he explained that the process look carefully planned and it comes with Uber sending contacts of drivers that are like hours away to you knowing well you needed drivers that are close-by and after you might have called the driver and you are aware he will not be reaching you anytime soon decided to cancel it to get any other closer, a one thousand Naira debt would have been added to your account, this will then be added to your subsequent fare whenever you patronize Uber.

Investigation revealed that Uber Drivers were disgruntled that while the company was trying to please the commuters, they are taking the brunt of it as the amount accrued to them by the end of the day is scarcely enough to maintain their cars and this was responsible for the exodus.

Though it seems the whole thing has been rectified to giving a gap of 5 minutes for commuters to cancel the reservation before it attracted the N1,000 debt, the company have made enough money through this suspected fraudulent means especially among the customers that did not know that was in practice and are surprised about high fare.


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