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2023 General Elections: Awesu Mobilises Residents’ Support For Atiku In Ikorodu

2023 General Elections: Awesu Mobilises Residents’ Support For Atiku In Ikorodu

A contender for the Ikorodu House of Representatives seat, QS. AbdulAzeez Adekunle Awesu and his political group has called on the youths and entire residents of Ikorodu to support the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar at the forthcoming presidential election.

Awesu said that Atiku is a unifier who needed to bring the various parts of the country together and with the capacity to salvage Nigeria out of his economic and political problems.

The PDP contender who is challenging the withdrawal of his mandate at the Supreme Court made the appeal during a massive rally he convened in Ikorodu on Wednesday.

The march, attended by several candidates, former aspirants and other stakeholders in Ikorodu PDP, was staged to mobilise support for the PDP Presidential candidate and others.

According to the Convener, it was also staged to re-assure party members and residents who have been complaining of dull moments within the major opposition party since the last rally that was organised on the Independence Day, by the same House of Representatives contender.

He led the massive crowd across major roads in Ikorodu which include Awolowo Road, Ireshe Road, Oriwu Road, Ayangbure Road, Ikorodu Garage Roundabout and along the Ikorodu – Shagamu Road.

Awesu, speaking with newsmen during the rally, said that:



“This rally is basically to let people know that PDP is still on ground, because if you can recall, we started this journey couple of months ago, and we knew the pace that we were going, but considering the circumstances, the whole things seem to be dying down but then, people really need to know that PDP is still on ground, that is just the basic essence of this and to know that that Atiku Abubakar is going to be the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, he explained.


“Atiku Abubakar is the unifier. That is the major reason while we are doing this to bring Atiku Abubakar to each and every one’s door step, knowing that it is Atiku Abubakar that can do it on the platform and umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party

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“That is why we are mobilising our people and residents to put on their dancing shoes and come out here to know we have a lot of work to do”.


He said that he was impressed with the turnout, and added that many have been expecting such outing.


“I’m really happy with the turnout. It showed that a lot of people have actually been waiting for this to happen. The essence of the whole thing is just to bring us together instead of sitting in our houses and thinking there is nothing to be done. There is a lot to be done in PDP, and we need to come out. This is our time, we have every chance; we have every opportunity to take back what is ours”.



Speaking on how the party intends to win the next general elections, Awesu said that more engaging activities have been planned which are going to unfold soon.


“We have lots and lots of strategies in place and for sure, I tell you that in Ikorodu for one that I know of, PDP is taking the Ikorodu Assembly, House of Representatives and the Senate and the Gubernatorial seat. All of these will be ours.


“You can see from the turnout how people came out massively despite the weather and trust me, if you tell the people that we are still going further, they will be willing to go because they are very much on ground. The truth is that we have a lot of activities, and other functions to put out there”, Awesu said.


He also hinted that there will be three or more rallies which are going to include the PDP Governorship and other candidates to mobilise people for the next year’s general elections.

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“Trust me, we are going to have three to five more rallies, and the essence will be to bring PDP to the people’s door steps. You know that people out there have been hearing Awesu and it was possible that they met him first at our first and today, lots more came to meet him again. I am sure that the third rally is going to include our Excellency, Olajide Adedoyin Jador, who is our Governorship candidate; Senatorial candidate, in person of Akobada; House of Assembly candidate constituency 1, Hon. Lawal Olamide, and our House of Assembly candidate Constituency 2, in person of Hon. Oyebo.


“So, the whole thing is just to bring everybody together. It is said that say a tree does not make a forest. We just need to come together, and make the whole thing robust and give Lagos the results we are looking for”, he said.


The PDP candidate for the Ikorodu Constituency I, Mr Olamide Olamilekan Lawal, also speaking, said that the rally was aimed at giving the youths the opportunity to prove that the party is still much a force to reckon with, and to mobilise people for Atiku’s victory.


“As you can see around you, most of us here are young. I am a youth, so also is my counterpart, Awesu. We are here to let people know our position that youths are on board. We are fully on ground, and we are here to support Atiku and Okowa for President. If you look around, there are about 5000 thousand people matching for Atiku/Okowa Presidency come 2023”, he said.”



“Well, it is an election we hope to win for Atiku, and we are going to do all our possible best here in Ikorodu and Lagos at large to ensure that Atiku/Okowa become our next President and Vice President, come 2023 lnshallah”.


Mr Idowu Hammed Odunayo (Collaboration), a former House of Assembly aspirant, also expressed that Atiku will win the next election while also wishing the rally Convener to reclaim his mandate at the Supreme Court.

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“Well, we, members of the PDP, are strongly behind Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his Vice, Okowa. We are also solidly with our brother, Awesu, and we wish that he retrieves his mandate”, he said.



Mr Peter Ugoeze, Chairman, Non-Yoruba in Ikorodu Local Government, said that non-Yorubas in Ikorodu have decided to give their support for Atiku/Okowa come 2023.



“The non-Yoruba have decided to support Atiku Abubakar, because we have seen that he’s the only person that can give us the particular mandate that we are looking for, and he’s most experienced among all the presidential contestants. He is the only person that has adequate experience to deliver Nigeria from this mess that APC has led us into. So, that is why we are supporting Atiku/Okowa to win this election come February 2023”, he said.


He also said that his group is looking forward to Awesu reclaiming his mandate at the Supreme Court.


“By the special grace of God, we are also looking forward to Awesu reclaiming his mandate because he is the only person that can deliver this House of Representatives for PDP in Ikorodu. Without Awesu, I don’t think PDP is going anywhere in Ikorodu Local Government”, Mr Peter said.


A member of the PDP, Mrs Adenike Borokini who also said that they are rooting for Atiku to correct many disappointments of the APC government, also said that they believe in Awesu.


“You see, when it comes to the issue of Awesu, we, in Ikorodu, believe in Awesu so much, and he is the man of the people. He is the man people love so much. He knows our pains and what we are going through in Ikorodu, and we believe in him. We have 100% assurances that Awesu can do it better than anybody in Ikorodu. If it’s not Awesu, nobody in this lkorodu is worthy to represent us”, she stated emphatically

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