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Angry Nigerian Youth Blast Bode George Says…You Can’t Use our Head again

Bode George
Bode George

While we are mourning our departed comrades and strategizing on how to make sure their effort will never be in vain it will be wise to open our eyes so that those who have their own sinister agenda will not be playing on our emotions to use us to fight their perceived enemies.

I have listen to and read the recent outburst of former military Governor of Ondo State who is also a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, who is tapping into the recent happenings to attract cheap publicity and try to resuscitate his moribund political voice.

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There is a popular saying that “he who comes into equity must come with clean hands”. This and many more is the reason I have decided to list some of the things he ignored in the struggle before his diatribe on his perceived enemy and to this we will appreciate answers to the following burning questions;

• Where is Bode George when the protest lasted for 2 weeks and he did not make a sound about it?
• Why has he not condemned the decision of the President a fellow General who chose not to talk to us when we are demanding it?
• Why is he not condemning the military’s use of live ammunition around helpless protesters or is it an issue of once a military always a military?
• Why is he showing little or no concern about the lost lives?
• Is it true you made “Eko e ree” a term that means ‘you’ve been dupe’, popular in Ondo State when you empty their treasury as their military Governor between 1988 to 1990?

It is sacrilegious for Bode George who was a major part of the ruling PDP for 16 years to now jump on the train of numerous of the Nigerian youths he has over the years turned blind eye to their plight to campaign against that has made sure he’s not close to showing the good people of Lagos the hoodoo that comes with his administration of things.

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