The man who’s presently running from pillar to post over his messy divorce case with his wife of many years, Enquirermag gathered has resorted to ritual consultations as a last solution over his plight.

According to inside sources, Ikusemoro, 57 who hails from a ruling house in Bunu Kabba local government area of Kogi State has been trying hard to put an end to the pending divorce case so he can marry his 20 something years old younger lover who just finished her youth service.


Close sources confided in this office that, the Bunu Kabba Prince who’s one of the topflight staff of NNPC in Benin, Edo State has been lavishing lots of money on the young girl whose parents live in Ibadan.

We gathered that as at last count, the man has bought the young girl who’s now his live-in-lover in Benin home, cars and several other worldly accomplishments just to force her into marrying him.

Josiah Adediran Ikusemoro

Bubble burst however when Ikusemoro was spotted in company of his driver, Sunny somewhere in Ibadan at a herbalist hideout where he’s gone for spiritual consultations and he was also said to have visited another of his spiritual father in Iwo, Osun State where he was said to have written names of his parents, ex-wife’s name and that of her parents and even his younger lover should she refused to marry him after all he has spent on her.

This office was appalled of the lengthy story of his dirty spiritual escapades which is quite unbefitting of a petroleum engineer of his status and when we made efforts to get in touch with him, perhaps to clear the air, so as not to misrepresent his person, instead, Mr. Ikusemoro threw caution to the wind and began to threaten us, “where did you get my number from, who’re you to open your mouth to talk to me, where did you see me in a herbalist place, do you think you can blackmail me, infact, you will suffer for this, am going to send this number to the SSS and they will get you arrested, quote me, I will make sure I finish you”, the man threatened and finally hung up in a very rude manner.

We have since been waiting for his SSS and have began to dig more about his dirty lifestyle and facts of his pending divorce case before Hon. Justice H.A Courage Ogbebor.


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