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Lanre Teriba, A Music Star With Timeless Force By Wole Adepoju

Lanre Teriba, A Music Star With Timeless Force By Wole Adepoju

Lanre Teriba That music is life remains an indisputable facts. It is also in the same vein music has been a source of life to many of it’s makers, as many musicians around the world are celebrated and well to do individuals. Many who hitherto were of no enviable means have through music been catapulted into fame, riches and affluence such that they wine and dine with kings and honorable men.

While some of these music acts are able to sustain opportunity and fortune made through art of music, some others are not so fortunate that all they made are no longer evident but history.


As far as Lanre Teriba, famous Nigeria born inspirational music star who is better known as Atorise is concerned, fate has been gracious to him that he ranks among fortunate musicians who have not only been able to stand the test of time to have remained visible and remain relevant this far, but has equally found a way consolidate on his recorded gains. He’s also succeeded in becoming a model in his own right, just as he’s been able to build a vibrant brand and respectable personality for himself.



Although armed with a tertiary education degree from The Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State, but Lanre was destined to attain prominence in life, not through his academic qualification but God deposited talent in him, music. As a member of the Kegite Club (a socio-cultural organization that promotes African cultural heritage) while in school, Lanre was only involved in music as a mere hobby. He later made up his mind to become a professional musician. Fate brought his path across a destiny helper in form of a music producer cum promoter, Tunde Olokodana who believed in his potentials. They hit the studio where Olokodana provided professional touches to Lanre’s raw talent. The result of the musical effort, an inspiration album titled, ATORISE, (Reformer) which was released in year 2000, was an instant and monster hit that reverberated across Nigeria and beyond.


The effect threw Lanre into the spotlight, wore him status of a celebrity, music star, and a new beginning started for the church boy. Interestingly, twenty three years after the hitting the musical target, Lanre has remained a force to reckon with, waxing stronger, breaking barriers and setting records as one of the longest standing , innovative musicians among his contemporaries.

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After his hit debut album, ATORISE, (Reformer) which actually is an evergreen, Lanre has released more works, making him have about twenty albums to his credit. He also has credit for over sixty songs. In the same light, his effort has been recognized and honored with various awards. One of the notable among the numerous awards is, Gospel Artist of the Year from the reputable stable of City People Music Award.



Beyond his prowess in inspirational music, he’s also rooted in dishing dance-able tunes which he achieves effortlessly with backing of his band members. That sure accounts for why the popularity and services of the versatile singer transcend and appreciated across various audiences.


“I remain an entertainer as I have always been. I am an inspirational singer, with bias for praising God. That however does not change the fact that I will continue to reach out to people from all walks of life through my music. My music has no barrier.” Lanre said in an interview.


Appreciation and patronage for Atorise’s music is not limited to the shores of Nigeria. He’s however a brand that enjoys global appeal. He ranks among Nigeria music exports and he’s one of the biggest musicians out of Nigeria. Having traversed Africa, Europe and America with his art, Lanre Teriba is equally one of the most traveled musicians around.


As it is known that success has many relations, the remarkable success Teriba made in the music industry has widened his scope in the entertainment industry, as movie producers have been attracted to him, thus the reason he’s caste for movie roles to give leverage to their works on account of his fame. He has featured in tens of movies. Sharing stage with top actors, Lanre has featured in movies like Oba Dafidi, Idunnu Mi, Iranse, Alabi Oosha, to mention a few.


Lanre’s talent in his craft is certainly not in doubt, but it is of essence to note he understood early enough he would need beyond talent to succeed. That perhaps explains why he’s paid serious attention to his character, such that he’s never been found wanting as far as having good character and conducting himself properly, is concerned. He’s never been caught in the web of a condemn-able act. This, to a great extent is an indication he possess virtuous traits that make up his character. As a matter of fact, only cynics will dispute Lanre’s humility, dependability, trustworthiness and simplicity. Many have argued it’s his amiable disposition towards others that have endeared him to the high and mighty such that his influence in top places can’t be underestimated.

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Lanre for instance, could be referred to as apple of the eye of Fuji Lord, King Wasiu Ayinde, because of how dearly he is to the Fuji Maestro. Both sing different genres of music but times and events have confirmed K1 is well pleased in Lanre. He also enjoys the same kind of relationship with super rich and highly connected popular clergy, Reverend Esther Ajayi, to mention a few. The attraction Lanre enjoys from these big shots who hold him in high esteem, has been discovered to be a product of his amiable and admirable personalty.


As much as he can, Lanre has passionately striven to protect and keep his relationship with his creator smooth. Mountain of worship and prayer, Oke-Sioni, situated at Isara, Ogun State, a brain child of the Ishara, Ogun State born music star, is a testimony of his commitment the giver of his gift and enabler of everything he has become. Founding the holy ground eight years ago cost him millions of naira. Oke-Sioni has since become mecca of sort for Christians who desire serene and conducive atmosphere for prayers. It’s in the same vein the Mountain is known for praise and worship, courtesy Lanre, who on a regular mobilizes for praise and worship programmes at the mountain.


“I believe that everyone needs a special place to commune with God. So, when it was time to open the place for God’s people to worship, who am I to say no to what God wants to do. I am just privileged to be doing what God has commanded me to do. If I don’t do it, He will raise another man to continue His job.” Teriba explained the drive behind Oke-Sioni.


Lanre’s athletic body might confuse one to want to categorize him as an assertive individual but a personal contact with him will readily expose his meek and compassionate heart. He derives pleasure in wiping tears off faces of the needy, and so, no extent is too much for him to go in putting smile on the face of the troubled and sorrowful. His watchword however, is that, when you give to the needy, excuse the camera. Through his compassionate disposition and generosity, Lanre Teriba has touched hundred lives.

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However, as man is created not to be perfect, music star Lanre Teriba, is not infallible, in such light, he has made his own blunders. Nevertheless, he’s not fixated to his past, as understands law of learning from mistakes to becoming a better person. Lanre spoke about how he’s handled his mistakes. “There is nothing about my past that I want to correct. There is absolutely nothing to rewrite. Every mistake I have made came with a more valuable experience that has turned me to a better person. I learn everyday and I am not immune against errors. When I make a mistake, I quickly look at the positive side of what may seem to be a mistake. I am very proud of the man I have become. So, I can tell you today that I don’t regret any of my actions in the past. But I thank God for making me a better person through some of the rough moments of my life”.


As it may amount to stating the obvious that Teriba is good-looking dude, that he compliments the looks with ravishing athletic frame and commendable dress sense can’t be downplayed. While his attractive looks of which his bulging eye bulbs are a significant feature can be attributed to gift of nature, his athletic frame, a result of keeping fit routine as a pugilist, and his nice dress sense, a product of his natural quest for admirable appearance, especially as a celebrity.


As an hardworking individual who deserves to relish fruit of his labour, Lanre does not spare the cost to pamper himself . This brings us to an incurable weakness from which he derives utmost pleasure and satisfaction. It’s no other but automobile. Call him a car freak and you wont be wrong. Lanre is a great lover of wonder on wheels, and his garage is littered with a number of top of the range automobiles. “I have a weakness for cars, and I don’t think I can ever be cured of it” Lanre confirmed.


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