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4 Places Where S*x in Public is Legal

4 Places Where S*x in Public is Legal

Public S*xAccording to S*x in public can lead to charges for public lewdness, indecent exposure, or even disorderly conduct. In most states, the laws that criminalize public sex make it a misdemeanor crime. Some state laws explicitly criminalize public sexual activity. Other laws are broader and cover a variety of indecent or lewd conduct.

It is important to note that showing too much skin is forbidden in many countries, some countries are just coming to terms with nudity in selected locations which made them more significantly open to nudity. The topic of public sex is still iffy at best. In fact, there are only four places in the world that allow it:



There is a recent legislation that allow women in Berlin to swim in general swimming pool topless in a law under gender equality. It is right to say Germany has a long history of being comfortable with nudity, and the country’s laws allow mixed-sex public nudity in designated areas such as beaches and parks.

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It’s also legal to have sex in public, as long as nobody complains. However, there is one caveat – you have to be covered (a blanket or towel is fine) while you’re in the middle of the act. Being exposed during sex in public can earn you a fine.

Guadalajara, Mexico

In the summer of 2018, a new law was passed in Guadalajara – public sex was no longer a criminal act. The law wasn’t passed because of open-mindedness as much as police extorting couples caught in the act.


The new legislation was meant to protect “vulnerable groups,” such as young couples who, in the presence of parents at home, would go to parks and vehicles for intimate relations. And this way police could pay attention to more serious crimes.

Ørstedsparken, Denmark

Public sex in Denmark is legal in just one designated place – Ørstedsparken, which is a public park in central Copenhagen.

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The rules for sex in the park are on display:

“Sex in the park is allowed but show some consideration. Many children institutions use the park.

Therefore, please avoid:

  • Sex in the playground and visible places between 9 am and 4 pm.
  • Loud sex in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm.

Remember to:

  • Remove semen from the benches after the act.
  • Leave condoms and used napkins in the bin.

The city hall of Copenhagen calls for safe sex.


Vondelpark, the Netherlands

Attracting 10 million visitors per year, the Vondelpark is Amsterdam’s largest – and most famous – municipal park. The lush 45-hectare site includes a famous open-air theatre, numerous children’s playgrounds and several cafés and restaurants, making it a thriving hub of activity in any season.” (

Not only is it the largest city park in Amsterdam, but Vondelpark also holds the status of being the only place in the Netherlands where public sex is legal.

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As of September 2008, adults were legally allowed to have sex in the park. The 3 caveats of participation are:

  • Sexual activities were to be limited to the evening hours and night
  • People take their garbage with them when they’re done
  • Never have intercourse near the playground


I’d say that’s all pretty reasonable. It sure made dog owners really mad, though.

See, the park had originally been owned by the foundation that developed it. When ownership of the park was transferred to the Municipality of Amsterdam in 1953, one of the stipulations was that dogs must be able to run loose in the park at all times.

But then the public sex rule came down in 2008 and the city tried to get more control on the loose dogs.



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