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2023 Presidency: I’ll Give You Free Medical Treatment – Saraki Promises Nigerians


Former Senate President and 2023 presidential aspirant, Dr. Bukola Saraki has promised to make healthcare free for Nigerians if he emerges as the next leader of the country.

Saraki, a former Kwara State Governor also promised to end all forms of insecurity and revive the country’s failing economy.

The presidential aspirant who is targeting the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says Nigeria needs a leader like him who is bold and has experience in leadership.

Speaking in Kaduna on Sunday while addressing PDP delegates, Saraki emphasized that not just anyone should be allowed to become Nigeria’s president in 2023 as the country needs a true leader who is ready to stand and fight for the people.

“I am here to address Kaduna delegates because the reality is that politically, economically without the support of Kaduna State, it cannot happen.

“2023 is not a time to vote just anybody as president. There is insecurity, hunger, unemployment and disunity across the country,” he said.

Speaking further, Saraki pointed out that “Nigeria needs a bold person. Someone who will put Nigeria first and I have always done that. I stood my ground against all forms of injustice. With me as President, I will end insecurity.“

“I am full of energy that will bring results. Nigeria needs to be united across board. I will revitalise textile and petrochemical industries. You need someone who is respected not only in Nigeria, but also outside the shores of this country.”


“As a doctor, I will ensure that nobody pays for medical bills again. It is possible and we will do it insha Allah.”

“We must not make mistake this time, we need unity. I am committed to whatever will unite this country.

“2023 is not the time to vote just anyone as President of Nigeria. This country is in a very difficult situation. In 2015 you could travel from Kaduna to Abuja anytime of the day and night, but this is no longer possible,” Saraki said.

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He also revealed that the northern candidates are still working on the possibility of producing a consensus candidate from their region.

“We are trying to ensure that we have a process that unites us and less rancorous and then we can now move forward to the bigger issue, which is winning the 2023 election,” he said.

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The former Senate President promised to unite the people of Nigeria and ensure government accountability to the people.

“What I will be doing differently as the President of Nigeria is that the most important thing is uniting the people of Nigeria. People should have a sense of belonging. Unity is key to progress of the country. Secondly is to ensure there is accountability and also to ensure that security and economy work,” Dr. Saraki added.


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