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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kayanmata


Recently there have been a clash between popular nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, and aphrodisiac specialist Jaruma.
The clash broke out, when Regina Daniels publicly announced on her instagram page, that she has never, and will never use the Kayamata products by Jaruma, which she once promoted, and advertised on her page. She refuted claims made by some people, that she used the Kayamata products to trap her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko.

Now this brings us to the question;

What is Kayanmata?

Kayanmata is an aphrodisiac, a natural herb, which helps in enhancing intimacy. It originated from the Northern part of Nigeria, which literally means a woman’s property. “Kaya” means property, while “Mata” means woman.

It is also referred to as “Maza” in the male circus. These Kanyamata comes in different forms, such as; perfumes, tablets, scrabs, ditches, ointments, concoctions, waist beads, and herbs, etc.


The kayan mata herbs constitute of various components ranging from sweetener powders, zuman mata/maza, sweets(women), lubricants etc.

The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey, tiger nuts, camel’s milk, millet, herbs and roots.

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In this article I will be sharing some benefits, and side effects of the popular Kayanmata

The Benefits

1. It aids fertility: Kayanmata has been said to aid fertility in women.

2. It helps bring back lost excitement among couples, during intimacy.

3. This product has also be known to be effective in treating common sexually related issues such as vaginal dryness, low libido, or lack of sexual satisfaction caused by circumcision.

4. Nutritional value: some of the ingredients used in the preparation of Kayanmata has very good nutritional purpose, for example the Tiger nut milk (Kunun Aya), has many health benefits, such as it’s richness in amino acids, etc. Goron tula also one of the ingredients used in making Kayanmata also has nutritional and health values.

5. It also prevents premature ejaculation in men.

The Side effects

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1. Infection: there are many dangers associated with the new form of Kayanmata, and a lot of women do not seem to pay attention to them. Anything that has to be inserted or clipped is discouraged as they can tear the cervical tissues or risk cervical cancer for the woman. Inserting substances containing high levels of sugar can also lead to yeast infections and increase the risk of the presence of cancerous cells over a prolonged period of time.

2. It’s believed that some of the Kayanmata vendors are now producing unadulterated ones, by mixing harmful substances with the concoctions and their unsuspecting customers are left to their mercy to ingest such harmful materials which will later impair them health-wise. And with the toxic chemicals and heavy metals they contain, such can damage their liver and as well as cause kidney failure especially when they react with other drugs in the body.

3. Men are not left out of this iniquitous practice, as they also use some of these as stimulants and libido boosters but sadly, Maza also makes them cancer-prone. Prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer are some diseases they can as well subject themselves to, due to the prolonged usage of these intimacy enhancers.

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Nevertheless, a research recently carried out reveals these intimacy enhancers have been drastically misused by their users, hence their abuse, with some vendors mixing other products to them to boost their potency, with utter neglect of the harms they could cause.

Most of these herbal medicines used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions harbour harmful pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria. The laboratory analysis of some of the herbs come out to show that they can harbour an appreciable amount of bacteria. Interestingly, a host of people do not even bother to wash the wild fruits before being consumed, a situation which raises concerns in our society.


References, and Credits: Vanguard Newspaper, and Nimed Health Nigeria


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